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            2. WELCOME TO MINGBO

              Zhejiang Mingbo Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city of PingYang in Zhejiang Province, is a professional production of automatic packaging machine, set the development, development, design, production, sales and technical services in one high-tech enterprises.The pickle technology in the domestic packaging become an independent school. All the products in accordance with the national standard of "GMP" manufacturing. Advanced design concepts and professional technology has been a hot blog the notable features, complete production system...

              • MB8ZK10-130Automatic Rotary Vavuum Packing Machines For Bags
              • MB8ZK10-200Automatic Rotary Vavuum Packing Machines For Bags
              • MB6ZK10-130Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine For Pickles
              • MB6-200JPackaging Machine For Pickles
              • MB8ZK10-150Automatic Rotary Vavuum Packing Machines For Bags
              • MB8-150Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

              NO.607 Zhengsong Road,Wanquan,

              Linda Wu

              MB:+86 018705778860

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